Day Seventeen: ‘Brand New Indianapolis’

April 18, 2017

Five cities in five years. How’d you do it?
Me, I would’ve crumbled after three,
resigned to my fate as a mere lackey
in Cleveland or a rusty equal. But you
stayed restless, fidgeting for trees
and deserts, not stopping until you
got your fill. Took a wife who shares
the corporate wanderlust, and her beat cat
mewed for adventure past an alley piss.
Boston first: the suburbs, ample packies
but more money than comfort. Los Angeles:
Redondo, actually, an azure heaven

with miles of sandy run and no found snow.
Business killed the dream: so off to Tucson,
a dry hell where cacti’s eaten, you once wrote.
Too long in the drought. Then Dallas at last,
once more suburban but at least more space,
a house, new dog, the drive long but won’t kill.
Talk of a baby now, then the reveal:
Robert en route, soon raised a Texas kid.
But once more, the winds picks up. Destination
blooms again — Indianapolis
but not for a year. Twelve months to cozy the sprawl
and one last whiff. The running yields to rest.


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