Day Fourteen: ‘Dundas Through Mist’

April 16, 2017

Hoofed it through mist early Saturday
past gaudy ad space blinking fizz, displays
of homecoming kings reigning global rap
and bakery giants inking the new map.

The day before, a booming rain crashed here
and we ducked inward, egg rolls and two beers.
Now, hours from the soak, sidewalks hum
a memory of slickness. Bounding from

the hotel in brown boots and a peacoat,
nine o’clock, my mates still dreaming (bloat
of midnight cocktails), I’ve got coins to burn:
sausage sandwich and coffee. Later, I learn

the recipes vary up here, though all the same
to my tongue at the time. Still glad I came.
The clerk grinned as she slid the paper cup
across the counter. I ate that right up

with my sprinkle doughnut. Then back out
to tramp the damp pavement as billboards shout.
Dundas through mist — a feeling I still chase
years later, as memory supplants this place.


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