Day Four: ‘They’ve Got Citations Themselves’

April 5, 2017

It’s good to see you, Theodore. Your eyes
look wilder than last time. Your belt hangs off
your bones. Beard’s a nice touch though. But how
goes it, really? Yeah, your mom put me
in touch when I saw her at the credit union
(I’m at a proper bank now). Anyway,
construction, she says? Not bad. Long hours, I’d guess.
Lots of waiting, smoking in the sun,
beers after, I bet. What do you talk about
with those guys? I’m sure they’ve seen it all.
Don’t let the slippery ones influence you.
Don’t let them give you shit for taking the bus
and if they do, they’ve got citations themselves,
I’m sure of it. Remember those beaches
in South Carolina? Seems like a million
years since we were juniors smuggling liquor
in bunched-up hoodies. Your mom was so mad then.
I never really thanked your folks, did I?
Let them know. You like the shovel gig, then?
You’re smarter than those guys can see, Theodore.
Remember that. I’ve known you much longer.
Next round’s on me, just one. I’m up early.


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