Day Sixteen: ‘Notes From Record Store Day 2015’

April 18, 2015

Walk free, denizens of the needle gods!
The sun is out, the sky is blue, it’s beautiful,
and so is the rolling poutine truck parked near
the warehouse muzikshoppe — the crates await
inside like naked lovers on plush beds.
The beards like dripping faucets butterfly through
the stacks of plastic shapes with somehow music
scratched on them, the t-shirt press steams high
to the ceiling, the mandolins screech on.
Coffee and craft IPAs and, oh yeah, records,
sometimes, when you can navigate around the searsuckers
to grab one of six Flaming Lips EXCLUSIVES.
Til next year, friends and listeners, why not
catch a show or, hell, buy a record tomorrow?


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