Killer Domestic: ‘October’

October 1, 2013

October one and deciduous explosions

Orange on brown on green flashing on brown

The highway songs droop lushless in a sway of autumn

This is the season of high boots, of open arms and open roads

Of crisp air, of jaywalking in the night

How many teeth do you have left?

Warm colors lead to the chills

And the cups of coffee and hearthy nature poetry

Attempt to wag the clouds away

The summer of left turns and stop signs

A wooden house, a triangle, a bow and arrow

The season of the young man’s youth

Wilting and cooking first, then finally falling

The man of youth still longs for mystery

But finds stark punctuation in the leafbags piled up along the curb

He drives a noisy wreck and siphons out the gas

So his machine pumps on, spins clean

Doesn’t have to do the dirty work

The season of brakelights, the season of fire hydrants

Exploding and freezing like eventual trees


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