Day Twenty-Two: ‘Grow Up, Poet’

April 22, 2013

Grow up, poet — sink your ship

of desperation and find God in

the grass. Let the leaves breathe yes in your ear.

Reach with dark eyes to loop your joy

with lake summers and garage tetris,

always one arm as lumber for your boy.


Settle in with feet upturned,

your pesky yearning discovered like sudden gold

as the heart that beats in your bed, the son who nests

a wall away, the goddamn car even.

Proclaim as a sticky prophet, live like paint

and re-crust yourself. Leave drops along the floor.


Fall in now, poet — take your turn

at the schoolyard fountain we’ve named a life.

Allow a tiny flood, even the basement.

Begin to acquiesce and quell a fire,

but light a smaller pit’s worth. Fly on now

and, if a wing collapses, surrender.


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