Day Fifteen: ‘What Said Glenn, The Prick Canadian’

April 15, 2013

There can be tension. You might misplace your anger,

daylight dragonslaying coworkers and siblings.

Be mindful. Don’t set them to strangers.


You’ll hiss like leaky hoses, but the danger

resides not in the sounds. It’s in the meanings

that cut. You might misplace your anger —


never chomp back. Let the words loosen like hangers

in the closet, baby teeth in prim swaddling

tissues. Don’t plunk your fixed to strangers.


Whatever Lips says, keep stiff-mouthed as a granger.

Crow hunched in desks toward notebooks, scribbling

fury in stark phrases. You might misplace your anger


in a poem, in the peppered stacks of money changers,

in the constant spout of pal and family quibbling.

Be mindful. Don’t cook them into strangers.


Lay your rage to rest inside a manger

of fruitful intuition. Your fears will cling

like static, you might misplace your anger.

But remember, buddy: don’t fashion lovers to strangers.


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